Meet Madame Fraise,
the most sui generis female figure of the city


Madame Fraise, the first ghost pastry shop in Athens, opens its virtual doors every morning at 11.00, introducing its friends to a world full of velvety flavours and heavenly aromas. Creamy textures, crunchy pralines, caramelized nuts and fragrant fruits make the most beautiful and delicious desserts that sweeten every moment such as work-break, a meeting with friends or a special celebration. With playful mini desserts, delicious soft cookies and gorgeous celebration cakes, it’s simply impossible to resist Madame Fraise!

The team

Madame Fraise, the sweetest mystery figure, is a creation of executive chefs Evgenios Vardakastanis and Ioannis Kikiras, along with brand and business development specialist John Geropoulos. Together with Georgia Tsampani, they view pastry as a form of art that never stops evolving. Based on the French principles of pastry, they create their own unique versions of all-time classic desserts with excellent ingredients and plenty of imagination.

Ioannis Kikiras


Executive Pastry Chef with many years of experience in award-winning restaurants and hotels with parallel presence in the educational sector.

Born in Greece, Ioannis started his career in important cities for gastronomy, such as Milan, London, Dubai and Athens. A well-known pursuer of perfection, he places great emphasis on the quality of his creations, both in terms of taste and aesthetics. His source of inspiration is his passion for art and design.

Georgia Tsabani - MF


Pastry Chef and team coordinator. Having worked alongside Evgenios and Ioannis for years, she shares her knowledge and ideas with the other members.

With 9 years of professional experience in luxury hotels in Mykonos and Athens, Georgia is responsible for issues related to organization and production. Consistency, creativity and an appetite for development are words that characterize her.

Evgenios Vardakastanis - MF


Executive Pastry Chef and team leader. He is considered one of the leading pastry chefs contributing to the growth of pastry in the country.

With a degree in F&B management, twenty years of experience in hotels and excellent organizational skills, Evgenios is involved in high-end mass productions as well as conceptualizing and executing various conceptual projects. He also offers consulting services. He loves Greek products, from which he takes inspiration for his next desserts.

The art of the distinguished.


But what exactly is a ghost pastry shop? Although you can see all of Madame Fraise’s pleasurable creations online, there is no physical storefront. Still, she has her base at 225 Ymittou Street in Pagrati where the pastry lab of the parent company Noble is. At the pastry lab, every day is a colourful celebration of flavours and aromas. Freshly roasted hazelnuts, golden caramel and fresh strawberries make you go mad with their smell, while melted chocolate writes its own story on airy sponge cakes. Fluffy panettone hang upside down to maintain their volume, whistle beautiful celebration cakes swirl rhythmically, enjoying the final touches. All of Madame Fraise’s desserts are delivered to you with a click. Alternatively, you can visit the pastry lab and pick up your order from there!

Always exploring

For Madame Fraise, creativity is a journey that never stops. That’s why she is constantly trying out new exciting recipes, dancing between flavours, aromas and textures. Her ideas might be unexpected, but her goal is always the same; to add her finesse and charm to all-time favourite desserts, turning them into the sweetest delights for any time of the day!